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Category: Talk


China actively nurturing unicorns in Southeast Asia

Statistics from US-based research body CB Insights show that non-US unicorn startups commanded a 50% share of total global unicorns as of the end of August 2017, sharply up from only 37% as of the end of 2014, indicating the US is no longer a dominant country in nurturing startups.

Southeast Asia is the next proxy battlefield for Chinese Tech

It has been an interesting few months in the Fintech/E-commerce space. Just recently, Alibaba announced another US$1 billion investment into Lazada, slightly over a year after it invested its first US$1 billion into the company. The investment into Lazada presents a beachhead for the Chinese internet juggernaut to extend its influence over the Southeast Asian tech scene.

The Jakarta Post: Mobile payment war

Payment systems have come a long way since 700 BC when the first metal coins were used as a method of barter. What is holding back mobile payments — or paying by phone — in Indonesia? It uses a device we are already carrying and it works well in Europe, China and even Africa.